Oliva is a place where high quality is never compromised, aims to provide a service which corresponds with the international standards, and which has an unquestionable place among the top businesses of the kind in Hungary, where guests enjoy high quality service accompanied with a relaxed, friendly style in a homely and nice atmosphere. Oliva is a place where both the guests and the staff are happy to be, and the guests can feel that they are served by people who love their job and work in a professional way.


Tischreservierung: +36 88 561 900 // oliva@oliva.hu

oliva Restaurant

8200 veszprém, buhim u. 14-16.

Restaurant Öffnungszeiten:

Mon-Don: 11:30-23:00 Küche bis: 22:00
Fre-Sam: 11:30-0:00 Küche bis: 23:00
Son: 11:30-23:00 Küche bis: 22:00

Hotel Öffnungszeiten:


  • Restaurant +36 88 561 900
  • hotel +36 88 403 875
  • e-mail oliva@oliva.hu